O&M 2.0

Renewable Energy Asset Management Made Easy.

If you are an asset owner, please, select a services...

Scalability & Security.

OMHub simplifies the relationship between Renewable Energy Asset Owners and O&M Service providers through a scalable and secure platform.

Digital Transformation

OMhub introduces O&M 2.0, a big step ahead in the transformation of the Renewal Energy sector towards more transparent and automated operations.

Our world, our responsibility.

Clean Energy is the main source of energy for a sustainable future. OMhub is the answer for a more sustainable energy.

What we do

Complexity to Simplicity through hyperautomation.

Benefits at glance

  • Efficiency – Price auction and direct access to providers
  • Effectiveness – Overhead Reduction and less downtime
  • Transparency – Online verification, workforce rating and compliance

How it works

Creating value for all with tailored value propositions

For Asset Owners

OPEX reduction

Manage relationships with O&Ms and Service Providers directly.

Direct access

To skillful service providers and rate them after their services.

Revenue increase

Enhanced productivity of the assets by reducing downtime on failures.

For Service Providers

Direct access

To a bigger offering of contracts and assets without middleman dependencies.

Reduce cost and time

Less mobility to attend more activities in closer and preferred areas.


Plan efficiently work, workload and locations, and secure work traceability.

Who we are

Global and tech-savvy executive with vast experience and passion for renewable, leading the industry transformation by introducing O&M 2.0.

Management Team

Henry Laurent, Co-Founder

20 years of Investment banking, corporate strategy development, board member, and executive experience. Henry has a passion for elegant solutions to difficult problems.

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